Ordination and Licensing


There are two Ministerial Credentials issued by the ECA:

Ordained Minister

Licensed Minister

PreacherThe Ordained Minister has the authority to perform all rites of the church, including the wedding ceremony. The Licensed Minister has the authority to perform all rites of the church, except for the wedding ceremony.

Each candidate for ordination and licensure must meet the following requirements which have been established in ECA's by-laws and are conducted according to procedures established by our Standards and Credentials Committee:

  • Subscribe to the ECA Tenets of Faith
  • Agree to abide by ECA Ministerial Ethics
  • Have a ministry that warrants credentials based on Ephesians 4:12
  • Demonstrate completion of Biblical studies by an approved educational institution (Minimal education requirements outlined on the Bible Extension Institute page.)
  • Have two years cumulative ministry experiences (4,160 hours) for licensure.
  • Have four years cumulative ministry experience (8,320 hours) for ordination.
  • Provide two ministerial and two personal references (see the Apply Today Page for more details)
  • Once your application file is complete and approved, you will be required to submit to a face to face, Oral Examination, at one of our scheduled conferences/gatherings listed on the Events page.

Upon acceptance into the ECA, each person must submit Annual Membership Dues and an Annual Ministerial Report within the time limits established by the policies of the ECA. Members are also required to inform the ECA of change of address, phone number and email address within forty-five days of occurrence.

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