"Military Chaplain Commission Message to Commanders" Video Option

Dear ECA Chaplains of the U.S. Armed Services:

May this e-mail find you “strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”  For your viewing is a proactive 95-second video produced professionally, but conceived, scripted and delivered by the ECA’s Military Chaplain Commission Chairman, Dr. Elmon Krupnik.  Executed in proper military fashion, this succinct message informs commanders respectfully and positively how our chaplains can serve while also under the authority of the ECA.  Our chaplains, should they exercise the option, can suggest to their commanders that they watch the video.  What could be a useful tool, this production clearly articulates that it is the ECA, not the individual chaplain, setting the boundaries.  Also, please note the chaplains shown in the footage are ECA members, and that the entire printed text of the message also appears below the video.  Click here to watch the video, for which there is also a link in the right (military) column on the homepage of the ECA website, www.ecainternational.org.

On another note, I am pleased to inform you of some wonderful news that came to my attention after the fact.  The ECA’s Lieutenant Gale White, Command Chaplain of the USS Fort McHenry (LSD43), received the 2103 Leadership Award sponsored by The Navy & Marine Association.  To view the posting regarding the award, I refer you once again to the military column on the ECA’s homepage.  Congratulations Chaplain White!

In appreciation for your service to God and country,
Dr. Robert H. Turrill
Military Chaplain Commission Endorser
President & CEO
Evangelical Church Alliance 

Num. 6:24

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