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The ECA requires that all transcript requests be made in writing, signed and dated by the person to whom the record belongs. Telephone requests CANNOT be accepted.

  • All students must fill out the Transcript Request Form in its entirety.
  • There is a $5.00 fee which must be paid for each transcript requested.
  • If you are a former student or a former member of the ECA, provide the dates of association with the ECA in this form.
  • ECA prohibits issuing transcripts to or for any former or current student or member with an outstanding balance due from former activity associated with the Bible Extension Institute (and/or the ECA at large).

Contact the ECA Bookkeeper Donna Schweizer to make payment arrangement for any outstanding Membership Fees at (815)937-0720. 


  • ECA can only issue transcripts for courses taken through the Bible Extension Institute. Transcripts sent from other institutions during the application process cannot be sent.
  • For security purposes, we do not fax or email transcripts. Transcripts will only be sent by postal mail.
  • Official transcripts will have a signature and a seal.
  • Transcripts will be mailed within three weeks of processing providing all appropriate fees have been reconciled.
  • Contact Connie Bochmann at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding this form.

Failure to supply information as directed in the spaces below, and designated by an asterisk ("*"), will prohibit this from being electronically submitted.  If a particular item marked with an asterisk does not apply to you, mark “N/A” in the associated space.  As the fields for the spaces below are expandable, do not be concerned if all the information you input does not show as you are typing it. 


Transcript Request Form

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