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Fill out the applicaton below and submit it to the ECA along with any required documents found on the Apply Today Page! 

Important Instructions!

Military Application Instructions:

  • This application is to be used for ecclesiastical endorsement for direct appointment as a chaplain or the Chaplain Candidate Program of the Army, Navy or Air Force.
  • This application is also to be used for VA, Federal Bureau of Prisons, or Civil Air Patrol endorsement.
  • Include all information requested and electronically submit the application. Retain an emailed copy for your files.
  • This form should be included with your regular ECA Membership Application. You do not need a separate photo, transcripts, testimony, or call to ministry. You do need an official educational transcript of Biblical studies that meet the minimum educational requirements for a military chaplain. The transcripts must be sent to us directly from the institution. Sealed student transcripts will not be accepted from the applicant.
  • If you are already a member and requesting an endorsmenet for another branch of service or a new endorsement, you will need to submit an ecclesiastical endorsement application, along with the $25.00 application fee.  


  • All Active Duty Military Chaplains are required to submit an annual $125.00 active-duty fee. This amount is in addition to the ECA Annual Membership Dues, which presently are $175.00.
  • All Chaplain Candidates are required to submit an annual report to remain in the program.

Additional Instructions:  

  • All fields must be completed even if the correct answer is "none" or "N/A" (not applicable).
  • Failure to supply information as directed in the spaces below and designated by an asterisk ("*") will prohibit your application from being electronically submitted.  If a particular item marked with an asterisk does not apply to you, mark “N/A” in the associated space.  As the fields for the spaces below are expandable, do not be concerned if all the information you input does not show as you are typing it. 
  • Clicking the "X" that appears at the end of each field will delete the information you have input (for that field).
  • Do not close out the application (though you may minimize it) on your screen before completing and electronically submitting it, as this will delete all the information entered.    
  • If having difficulty completing or submitting the application online, contact the ECA office for assistance. 

Application for Ecclesiastical Endorsement

E-mail a current business/military, passport quality photo to [email protected].

You may pay your fees as listed below by either postal mail or credit card by clicking here.

  • Application for Ecclesiastical Endorsement Fee of $25
  • Ecclesiastical Endorsement Fee of $100
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